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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Get free backlink from article directory

Backlink is the important thing for a website or blog. Having many backlinks from web / blog that has high PR can increase the position of a web / blog it self in search engine like google or yahoo. The best way to get free backlink is by submitting to many article directories. ArticleAll.com is the one of popular article directory. That site is auto approve article directory where you can submit your article without approval by the web owner. The site has a special feature that really different with other article directory where you need two days to see your article in their homepage. You can submit your article in ArticleAll.com and your article will show in the homepage at the time. You can submit as many as your article without rejection.

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Jean said...

Hi, I added you to my link list. Hope you can add me too to your blogroll. My site is http://blessingsforlife.blogspot.com

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